world class expertise
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through US-Trained Attorneys

US-Trained Attorneys & Proprietary Technology

GreenPoint Law & Compliance offers a unique blend of US-trained attorneys and proprietary technologies. We provide a broad range of legal services to law firms and in-house legal departments.

and Security

To ensure the integrity, security, and privacy of client data, GreenPoint has instituted rigorous physical, administrative, and technical safeguards, all of which comply with the most stringent US and global standards and regulations.


(ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015) Our quality controls are customized and automated across all processes and projects. Our IT security best practices include firewall software, intrusion detection systems, audit trails, and IP blocks at several levels.


GreenPoint Law & Compliance enables firms to add value to traditional industry models and offer competitive legal services to suit the needs of their clients. We utilize a tri-shore business model that leverages price and quality advantages from Israel and India. Our attorneys and subject matter experts are well-positioned across the breadth of our services to meet rapid changes occurring in legal practice and management.
  • GreenPoint provides high-quality, value-added practice and recruitment services to a broad base of North American clients – ranging from Fortune 1000 insurance companies to solo practitioners, mid-size and large law firms, in-house legal departments, and legal publishers.
  • Our tri-shore model positions us to offer cost-effective solutions with a quality that is consistent with the highest standards of the US and global legal practices.


Our Main Service Offerings

Legal Publishing Services

GreenPoint's legal services also include original authoring of highly specialized publications with unique and well-researched content. We employ highly experienced writers and editors who are subject matter experts in a variety of practice areas, including legal practice management, business, finance, tax, accounting, and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG).


Legal Placement Services

GreenPoint also offers a complementary line of business that delivers customized placement and recruiting services to the legal industry. GreenPoint Executive Search and Recruitment (GPESR) is managed by a dedicated team of experienced US attorneys and skilled recruiters. We have a roster of over 100 clients, including law firms of all sizes, in-house law departments, and compliance firms.


Legal Outsourcing Services

GreenPoint provides customized and scalable legal services to law firms and insurers for managing disputes, cases, supporting transactions, compliance matters, and other projects. Our services are best-in-class and provided at highly competitive rates.


Litigation Services

Business disputes often require the review and management of large amounts of sensitive company documents, emails, and other business records that lead to increased overall costs. GreenPoint provides legal review and research services by attorneys experienced in contested litigation, applicable laws, and regulations. Our attorneys also provide thoroughly researched and comprehensive legal memoranda and pleadings that are ready for filings in various state and federal courts in the US. We can also help companies reduce litigation costs through our efficient and cost-effective review of large volumes of record data and other information.


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